Hello to all you brilliant new people on Mastodon and the Fediverse!

Welcome! 👋

If you're wondering how to get started on here, take a look at this guide for beginners:


If there's anything you want to know, if you have any questions, reply to this post or send me a message and I will try to find the answer 🤔 (And don't worry if you think it's a stupid question, there's no such thing!)

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People new to Mastodon, are you confused by all the different sites and servers you can sign up on?

Don't be, it's really easy!

You know email, right?

With email, you go to an email provider, sign up and they give you an address. Then, when someone wants to email you, you tell them your address. It doesn't matter if they use a different provider, because all the providers talk to each other.

Well Mastodon is the same, but with social media!

You can sign up on any Mastodon server and you'll get an address with that server's name at the end, something like @ username @ server

For example, I signed up on mstdn.social and my address is @ feditips @ mstdn.social

People who signed up on other Mastodon servers can interact with you by @-ing this full address. You can see people's addresses on their profile page (see the attached image for an example).

Mastodon servers are also known as "instances". It doesn't matter which word you use, they are the same thing.

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Just to make clear, you can interact with users from other Mastodon servers by putting their address into the search box and pressing enter.

Their profile link will appear in the search results, click on it to see their profile. You can then follow them, read their posts or interact in any other way. Click on their profile's "..." button to see even more options.

See the attached image for an example.

You only need one account to interact with people, even if they are on another server. The whole point of Mastodon is that people on one server can interact with people on thousands of other servers.

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Mastodon Screenshot Tips + Funny Story Using Dark Mode... :) 

It's a good FediTips - I've made some visual variations of your screenshots to help make it more easier to see

Summary of pictures:

- Add visible (lighter colours, yellow on black for example or just not dark colours)

- Larger font (you had space too)
Also people can read picture from far away / without loading big picture! (using my screenshots I can read it from preview and learn quicker! I couldn't see writing before- too small)

Just to keep in mind - you're tips are doing great - just big and yellow will help magnify your magnificent work!

2nd funny story relating to this search box in the top left)

For a long time I am using my monitor on 0 brightness, 10 Contrast... Try it (so not 50:50 or 0:50 as normal but super low and eyes can work x10) and I'd realised (until asking you one day) that I'd never seen that box before because it was so dark on my screen!! LOLS

(modified examples attached)

- Includes cutting out parts occasionally (like 3rd panel as it's less important / can be included in other pics)... which also helps make preview bigger


Thanks for the feedback, I will try to make the font brighter and clearer next time.

About your dark monitor, maybe it would help to switch to a high contrast theme?

You can do this in Mastodon by going to Preferences > Site Theme, select "High contrast" and pick "save changes".


Great - feel free to use my versions and repost (the cropped ones without 3 panels showing)
And if you need something just let me know.
For the dark monitor I can just up the contrast but now I know it's there I can still use in 'dark dark mode!' (L:
But actually you have a point I'll try it now! Always useful thanks FediTips !!

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