I find the fall of cybertron in the transformers franchise a fascinating allegory for the present-day culture war.
Why did the transformers devolve into eons of endless war?
What is the fundamental, irreconcilable difference between these two factions?


A great great post... Wasn't clear there is more to the story (until you click and realise wow!)

So some sort of indication would be good (just seems just like an open-ended question with +1 replies at first)... maybe
so maybe add
(story continued in more posts)

That would help me as I saw it many times before. and as pinned didn't expect it to have the story continued... replies yes but story didn't expect. [but redrafting will probably delete messages so hold back for now )

On that note would be great to also have it on your website and even PDF!

Do you see all the GIFs ok as previews thubnails... my browser may be low on memory so just checkin that (some not showing at all as thumbnail or mouse-over)

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