#Fediverse How can we do better

#Fediverse How can we do better at this https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/the-process-platform-isnt-working/3923/6

#blocking is not the solution, its like putting head in sand. Our projects are #4opens thus anyone, including the #dotcons can be a part of the #openweb in this it’s a good thing they are moving back to this space.

Feel free to block them, but pushing this path as a solution would be both naive and self-defeating. We need to do better and build a healthy culture and a diverstay of tools, it’s always a fight, hiding in a cave wins no wars.

Feel free to block them, but pushing this path as a solution would be both naive and self-defeating. We need to do better and build a healthy culture and a diverstay of tools, it’s always a fight, hiding in a cave wins no wars.

Issue within the #Fediverse community regarding the handling of problematic behavior or interactions on the platform. A breakdown of the key points:

Problem with Blocking: That simply blocking users or instances (such as the #dotcons) is not an effective long-term solution to fostering a healthy and diverse community within the Fediverse. Blocking is “putting your head in the sand,” implying that ignoring or isolating problematic elements doesn’t resolve underlying issues.
Advocating for Openness: Emphasizes that the Fediverse should remain true to its principles of openness (#4opens), which allow anyone, including controversial entities like the #dotcons, to participate. This openness is a positive aspect of the #openweb.
Building a Healthy Culture: Rather than relying on blocking, we need to advocate for actively building a healthy culture within the Fediverse. This involves nurturing diversity of tools and fostering a community where constructive engagement and dialogue can thrive.
Need for Engagement and Solutions: The importance of proactive engagement and problem-solving. we need to warn against passivity (“hiding in a cave”) and encourages efforts to address challenges head-on to create a stronger and more resilient ecosystem.

Overall, a call for constructive action within the Fediverse community, moving beyond simple blocking measures and instead focusing on building a robust and inclusive platform that aligns with its core values of openness and diversity. With an emphasis on proactive engagement, collective responsibility, and continuous improvement to create a healthier online and offline environment.

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Measurably - We are not ready for anything more... communication / self-trust / will-power isn't here so mixing more 'lesser' trained people = less clarity or more of the same or worse... 

@info Even though I just wrote something for-blocking, I think this could also work (showing my flexibility) BUT... (AND A BIG "BUT" HERE...)

BUT for the level of people now I've tried and tested. If really I only found 5 people say on whole of Fedi that can even hold conversation... or simply can believe in anti-google stuff (many devs still love it / see it as ok) then it's not worth going all-in with META or BLUESKY etc - because we have no plan, no strong friendship, have our own family we are in a infinite loop and almost bluescreen of death with. Nobody wants to lock horns or spend time for 'maybe' a better outcomes... so they are stuck and using more of the same google youtube links shows for me just how uncaring or un-meticulous people are... so why speed that up by bring twitter like people here (said kinda and just for short).

We are measurably shit (uncommunicative or in SMS mode here, don't believe in anyone, aren't anti- to the core sometimes... so anyway said in positive light, we are not ready- I've / we probably spent most of our life trying so wasn't waste but I don't ask people to go to the gym to lift so heavy weights, they are untrained for it).

"Hiding" is slowing down I would say and building culture start from communications, which again positively I said people say "I don't have time" is because "I don't make time, EVER" so people don't see TIME is needed, and non-perfect ways between is to make personal and global progress. The system only makes perfect ways and that kills us faster / is a debt more than progress every time..

"So go back to your cave people if you can't make friends with me / others..." is what I'd say for now

(all is changeable in what I said when more measurably the signs show it - as 1 or many here)

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