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#balisage attendees:
After hearing about LLMs all week, come get white-glove treatment and a first look at new training covering the basics. What it can & can't do, and how to stay safe and become more productive.

Where large language models and collide dubinko.consulting/2023/08/bal a great summary from
M.Joel Dubinko
On discussions about and

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A freely available alternative to #ChatGPT

Stanford's #Alpaca
an instruction fine-tuned version of Meta's #LLaMA

#AI #NLProc #NLP

Happy 25th birthday :) w3.org/TR/1998/REC-xml-1998021 celebrating with the xml-dev mailing list

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has for building pipelines. What is the counterpart for ? Any pointers & ideas would be very welcome.

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I'm delighted to report that MIT and the W3C have reached an agreement and that the W3C will kick off 2023 with funds and assets.

Many thanks for all your support and to all those who worked towards reaching an agreement. Enjoy the holidays!

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I'm happy to share that we got 2 papers accepted today.

The first one on "Extraction of Validating Shapes from very large Knowledge Graphs" was accepted at #VLDB2023, authors: K. Rabbani, M. Lissandrini, K. Hose

The second one on "Scaling Large RDF Archives To Very Long Histories" was accepted at #ICSC2023, authors: O. Pelgrin, R. Taelman, L. Galàrraga, K. Hose


#knowledgeGraphs #shacl #shapes #queryOptimization #SPARQL #rdf #archiving

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As you may recall:

• The W3C is in part hosted by MIT but MIT intends to withdraw on Dec 31.
• A new W3C nonprofit needs to take over on Jan 1.
• MIT needs to transfer assets (member dues, contracts, IP…) to the new W3C for it to operate.
• I was elected to the W3C Board and am part of the negotiations.

We're two weeks away from cutover and the negotiations are going… poorly. 🧵

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"W3C Opens Advisory Board (AB) Special Election" We invite W3C AC to vote until 14 January 2023 to fill four vacated seats.The AB use their judgment to find the best solutions for the Web, not just for any particular network, technology, vendor, or user.

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