has for building pipelines. What is the counterpart for ? Any pointers & ideas would be very welcome.

@fsasaki Not sure, what exactly you are looking for. If it is a way to represent workflows/pipelines, have a look into PROV-O ( and related vocabularies. If it is a tool, have a look on ROBOT (

@janmartinkeil XProc is used to define declarative XML data pipelines, involving pipeline steps like loading data, validating it against a schema, transforming it via XSLT. I would like to have a way for RDF to define declarative pipelines for loading RDF via , validating it against e.g. SHACL, and transforming it with SPARQL. I hope that this clarifies my question, let me know if you have further pointers - and thanks for the existing ones. I found this implementation which is old and not maintained, but the concept is what I have in mind.

@fsasaki One could build that based on PROV-O, as I similarly did in #ABRCTO ( But I'm not aware of any widely used/accepted vocabulary that enables declarative descriptions of #RDF processing/pipelines. #SemanticWeb

@janmartinkeil that looks cool, thanks for the pointer! I will have a look.

@fsasaki we started building something (early stage) using P-Plan, DCAT and LDES for semantically describing streams:
* Spec:
* Implementation of some runners:

@pietercolpaert thanks a lot, Pieter! I will look into the implementation.

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