very entertaining, entering 71st minute.

@garmark93 What exactly is entertaining? I am totally and absolutely lost here. What is happening?

@admitsWrongIfProven Do you mean you weren't entertained by the match? It was France vs Denmark match in the world cup.

@admitsWrongIfProven right on. It's common in the soccer world for matches to have hashtags with the first three letters of the home team then first three of away team. Sometimes a vs in the middle.

@garmark93 What would be more interesting than the sport (for me) would be if you begrudgingly accept both fifa and the host of the current world cup because you absolutely want to see the matches or if those problems are of no concern to you?
In my feed, i only saw 1) boycott and 2) disinterest in soccer. So what is your take here?

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