Melanie Lynsky is really great in Absolutely psychotic portrayal showing how the opposition to fascism can be just as bad

I'm enjoying watching the Peripheral but it's a show you probably need to watch at least twice to figure out what's going on.

My take away from watching Mr Robot is that it takes a lot of courage to face life's realities but it's worth doing so.

#JohnMastodon doesn’t drive a Tesla. He rides a scooter. He landed the first ever 900 on a scooter but it wasn’t caught on film so people say it never happened. Those of us who have met him know better.

I forgot how good David Carradine is in the Kill Bill movies. Just superb.

S2 ep 4 of White Lotus was so good! Lot of dramatic irony and really funny moments. Great acting, too.

I wish Berhalter would dress up more for these matches.

Today’s Far Side is on topic for this place! It’s like a rerun gift from Gary Larson to us all.

Two instances of pure class from ARG was the difference.

I hope there's a good reason why Vera is being brought up again

I watched before S4 of Mr Robot and there's a striking parallel feeling of "There's a 3rd personality ?!"

Elliot Alderson has an impeccable haircut throughout all of Mr. Robot.

Yunus Musah is 19. Wow! Going to have an incredible career.

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