The whole purpose of math is to get the same answer as everyone else.

@Rasta @garyackerman

opposite here.

I was terrible at arithmetic. failed my tests.

and now I have a degree in math.

@hal_canary @Rasta I also was a terrible math student, but I’m a terrific mat teacher (although not currently teaching math).

@garyackerman How does that saying go? 😂 Those who can do, those who can't teach? LOL I taught other technical subjects but was fortunate not to be doing the math @hal_canary

@hal_canary @garyackerman
I went on to a career heavy in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics.. etc. Even Electronics did Math. I hated it, but I got through it. I still use my calculator ;P
#Alcohol and #Calculus don't mix. #Mathematics #Math #Calculation #Boring #Engineering

@hal_canary @Rasta @garyackerman

The joke at my house is I don't do arithmetic, I do math.

If balancing the checkbook was a differential equation, no problem. :D

@cassandracorvid I still have my calculator ready.
I shop online and do curbside. Because I am always curious and double-checking, I noticed that the greater the item size was NOT CHEAPER??? Cat Food, Onions, Potatoes by the pound. All cheaper than 10lbs in one bag. So, I buy two little bags. They try to fool me with sale in Kilograms and the weight in pounds. But I google it LOL

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