I’ve worked in long enough to realize I should not recommend Google tools as they are likely to be abandoned.

Here is your regular reminder the saying should be “always state the opinions upon which you base your facts.”

The more objective you claim to be, the less objective you are.

Grades in school are thought to reflect students’ knowledge of the curriculum. They are not, and they never were. They do reflect students’ ability to function in a hierarchical social organization, which is useful, but very different from knowledge of curriculum.

Leaders who have big ideas, but no capacity to implement them need to realize it and just shut up.

“Back in the day” a grade of “C” on a report card meant “average,” so it was reasonable that lots of folks saw them. Grades have much different meanings now.

Unsupported arguments. I’m familiar with them. I’ve listened to school leaders for decades.

Narcissists join together in cliques, but they always turn on each other. I learned this lesson by watching it happen in schools (adults, not children) for decades.

I understand language evolves, but the stray capital letters in writing drives me crazy.

“Content delivery” is a sign you misunderstand teaching.

If a student is hostile towards test or tester we cannot claim it measures what is is supposed to.

Naming a situation isn’t that same as solving the problem.

Arguments that seem right but have little evidence are the most dangerous.

If you department doesn't have the "bandwidth" for their responsibilities, please don't delegate it to others. We are already busy doing our work.

"We need a business analyst for our educational users." Yeah, I know the role of business analysts, but let's be clear that most have no expertise to make accurate analyses.

Every rotten idea is promoted with a great name.

I took my first real vacation in years last week. I'm finally getting caught up. I'm wondering what that tells me about my work duties.

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