All disputes in science are resolved by evidence and observation, except for those that are resolved when old adherents give in... or die.

Note to leaders... if you intend to change anything, make sure you understand how the changes will (or will not) integrate with existing systems.

How many works can you add to a bibliography without looking them up?

“We therefore give the word 'intelligence' to this wondrously complex and multifaceted set of human capabilities. This shorthand symbol is then reified and intelligence achieves a dubious status as a unitary thing.” - Stephen Jay Gould

I do believe that schools are becoming irrelevant in the lives of young people. Adults are trying to "improve" schools by looking towards their past; “what worked for me will work for them,” is the misguided reasoning.

Discussion is political, the participants are not compelled to cite evidence, thus important issues cannot be resolved through discussion. We might be able to gain insight into participants' bias, but we won't resolve anything.

I am convinced that education leaders who announce they are leaving should either have an exit strategy imposed on them (i.e. "accomplish these things before you leave") or just placed on administrative leave. Having them continue with "business as usual" can be very damaging and wasteful.

When I listen to streamed radio, I hear 2-3 minutes of of advertisements from the streaming service then 2-3 minute of advertisements from the radio broadcast. And folks wonder why I listen less and less.

I see Google Workspaces now allows GIFs and stickers to be easily added to Slides. This, my friends, will drive more teachers from classrooms than COVID did.

I remeber the "holiday special" variety show hosted by celebrities from my youth. I don't mis them, I just remember them.

The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous. - Carl Sagan

What would happen if we focused curriculum on "what we don't know?"

What it "contributions to the community" were the most important aspect of human intelligence?

Test scores. They are generally the least important thing to know about students.

Folks often ask me if teachers are accurately represented on television and other media.

If we really wanted [healthy] people--substitute any other description that is valuable--we would be making much different decisions.

The less you know, the more deeply held are your opinions.

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