@garyackerman I am less certain that humans have consciousness than AI.

“Let’s do something before this is a crisis” is a sure sign it’s a crisis.

Doing a Google search is not research… typing it into ChatGPT on the other hand….

Dear #Christians, especially Americans—and extra especially in our illustrious #BibleBelt:


If you actually were, state and local governments would be enacting legislation targeted specifically at you and keeping you from living your life—which you would literally be in fear of, not just from the government, but "good citizens following the law."

You know, like you're doing to #LGBTQ people. (And have done/still do to POC.)


What if “the standards” are really not what students need to be successful?

Schools are not like businesses: If business doesn’t like what their suppliers provide, they have options. Schools have no choice but to teach the children who live in the area.

Maybe all of these technologies really could transform education, but we don’t let them.

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