Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion. -Stephen Jay Gould

Learning is too!

Knowing what is known is fine. Discovering what is not known is much more important.

I'm sincerely asking adults to stop being even a little self deprecating in the planetarium.

You do not have a "stupid question" you just have a question.

It discourages children from asking things.

It's okay to ask questions and you don't need to feel bad about doing it.

When you have a chance to ask a question, take a deep breath, and just ask the question.

If you're shy you can come up after and ask without the audience. That's also fine.

Being curious isn't shameful. It's okay.

In a world of AI, curiosity seems the most valuable skills one can nurture.

Yes, I include "real world problems" in my courses, but I push back on the idea that education is no "the ream world" for students.

If you don’t even try to pronounce students’ names properly, it’s time to quit teaching.

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