The FUNNIEST Russia-Gate Headlines Of All Time - The Jimmy Dore Show

Imperialism, Revolution and US Backed Dictatorships in Honduras and Haiti with Ramiro Fúnez

The Red Lettuce:
"Joining us for a discussion on Haiti and Honduras is AntiConquista co-editor Ramiro Fúnez. Ramiro was recently in Haiti and Honduras covering some of the social movements and protests happening there. He gives us a revolutionary history and his own first hand account of events he witnessed. "

The only praying I’ll do tomorrow is to the herb gods haha

Live wootwoot bowl before show!
Joy Reid Exposed Again! Guest Danny Haiphong

I wonder if is the only database for instance searches?

I die boosted

Something about Buttigieg’s face reminds me of Mad’s Alfred Neuman

Yesterday I learned what actually was and felt dumb for previously thinking it was some new plant lol its just green tea. matcha latte is so yum

As the Empire falls. China/Iran sign 25-yr $400B deal

“there's little doubt that Washington's total abdication of responsibility in West Asia has helped fast-track its inevitable hegemonic decline in the region. China is now stepping in to facilitate a natural move in the direction of independence and win-win cooperation.”

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia a yr before taking up cannabis. I lost my insurance after so I had no other treatment. 6 years later I had another biopsy done and docs declared my dysplasia disappeared with no explanation why. I don’t doubt weed was a factor. Cannabis stimulation of the Endocannabinoid System makes it a potent medicine that’s for sure

Cannabidiol (CBD) as a Promising Anti-Cancer Drug

Fiscal Year 2019

CEO Compensation = $5,229,155
Worker Median Wage = $9,291
Pay Ratio = 1,939:1

Papa John’s
CEO Compensation = $7,301,499
Worker Median Wage = $7,598
Pay Ratio = 1,038:1

(Median Wage: wage “in the middle.”, i.e. half of the workers earned below this level.)

Justin Jackson gets hotter by the day 😍

OAS Chief Almagro's Interference in Bolivia To Be Investigated
“The President of the South American Parliament (Parlasur) Oscar Laborde on Sunday announced that an investigation will be launched into the role played by the Organization of American States Secretary-General (OAS) Luis Almagro in the post-electoral crisis that broke out in Bolivia in November 2019.”

USEmpire: “See? China is a threat to the world! Look at the aircraft carriers they’re building! It’s clearly meant to project power!”

China: “ have 43 aircraft carriers.”😪

According to Biden, the $1,400 payment coming soon plus the $600 from late last year is supposed to COMPLETE the 2k he promised! LMAOO

lets celebrate our crumbs- thaaaanks oligarchy!!

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