The FUNNIEST Russia-Gate Headlines Of All Time - The Jimmy Dore Show thank you!!

Imperialism, Revolution and US Backed Dictatorships in Honduras and Haiti with Ramiro Fúnez

The Red Lettuce:
"Joining us for a discussion on Haiti and Honduras is AntiConquista co-editor Ramiro Fúnez. Ramiro was recently in Haiti and Honduras covering some of the social movements and protests happening there. He gives us a revolutionary history and his own first hand account of events he witnessed. " OMG I want this!! :blobaww:

The only praying I’ll do tomorrow is to the herb gods haha

Live wootwoot bowl before show!
Joy Reid Exposed Again! Guest Danny Haiphong

I wonder if is the only database for instance searches?

I die boosted

Something about Buttigieg’s face reminds me of Mad’s Alfred Neuman

Yesterday I learned what actually was and felt dumb for previously thinking it was some new plant lol its just green tea. matcha latte is so yum

@marathon and I saw this outside my office 2 years ago! the halo looked so creepy I had to take a pic 😬

@marathon it’s laughable that the US is now pretending to “propose” a project that has already been implemented long ago! Skies are sprayed with toxic metals on the regular. More info by Dane Wigington

As the Empire falls. China/Iran sign 25-yr $400B deal

“there's little doubt that Washington's total abdication of responsibility in West Asia has helped fast-track its inevitable hegemonic decline in the region. China is now stepping in to facilitate a natural move in the direction of independence and win-win cooperation.”

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia a yr before taking up cannabis. I lost my insurance after so I had no other treatment. 6 years later I had another biopsy done and docs declared my dysplasia disappeared with no explanation why. I don’t doubt weed was a factor. Cannabis stimulation of the Endocannabinoid System makes it a potent medicine that’s for sure

Cannabidiol (CBD) as a Promising Anti-Cancer Drug

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