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I never know what to in this thing. Maybe because I don't really know who I am or maybe I'm a mixture of many things.

Anyway, my name is Gustavo and I live in , the city of , in . I am currently a student in and the I am trying to answer is:

Is it possible to use the knowledge of the to increase the efficiency of in crop?

At the same time I trying to answer what is ?

In between, I make and to the of . It's like @neilhimself says in his profile: "It is too late now!"

And that's it! I joined this instance because I like the behind questions. @freemo seems to have created something special here. Thanks!

It will be a pleasure to meet you all!

Thomas Hunt Morgan was born #OTD in 1866.

He was an American evolutionary biologist, geneticist, embryologist, and science author who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1933 for discoveries elucidating the role that the chromosome plays in heredity.

During his distinguished career, Morgan wrote 22 books and 370 scientific papers. As a result of his work, "Drosophila" became a major model organism in contemporary genetics. via @wikipedia

#science #genetics

We could sequester CO2 by “re-greening” arid lands, plant scientists say

ahem, I think that 1) desert ecologists will want to have a word, and 2) once you've regreened the land, others will want to "develop" it for their uses, so it may end up under asphalt etc like the rest of the planet?

I would be ok with regreening land that has desertified recently eg due to anthropogenic change.

#science #ClimateCatastrophe #CarbonSequestration #deserts

Ciao a tutti, per un progetto di Interlingua avrei bisogno di frasi e aforismi di autori italiani, morti da almeno 71 anni, sull'amicizia.
Potete aiutarmi, per favore?
Grazie 😊

Could the impact of Michaelis-Menten's work on be compared to the impact of Newton's work on ?

One of the varieties we'll be planting is known as #cafe guamo or cafe brazil around these parts. People often say this is a wild variety of #coffee, but it is yet another import from the colonial period (It's been traced back to Uganda) that naturalized into the local environment. This particular species of lyberica coffee grows as a tree - up to 20 meters tall - and is much appreciated for its distinctly strong yet fruity flavor with little to no bitterness.

#FoodForestFarming #Agroecology

Monitoring spring leaf phenology of individual trees in a temperate forest fragment with multi-scale satellite time series ($)

A new monitoring framework uses remote sensing and deep learning to track spring phenology (study of life cycles) in fragmented forests. It accurately captures crucial lifecycle events of trees-ideal tool for tracking climate change impact on forest ecosystems 🌳

#Botany #Botany AI

EurekAlert! Fellowships for International Science Reporters
Inscrições até 05.out

Anyone else's indoor experiment on the brink of becoming an outdoors one today? 🪟

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