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I never know what to in this thing. Maybe because I don't really know who I am or maybe I'm a mixture of many things.

Anyway, my name is Gustavo and I live in , the city of , in . I am currently a student in and the I am trying to answer is:

Is it possible to use the knowledge of the to increase the efficiency of in crop?

At the same time I trying to answer what is ?

In between, I make and to the of . It's like @neilhimself says in his profile: "It is too late now!"

And that's it! I joined this instance because I like the behind questions. @freemo seems to have created something special here. Thanks!

It will be a pleasure to meet you all!

São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) postdoctoral fellowship available for 12 months at the Prof. Henning Ulrich’s laboratory at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of São Paulo

The Laboratory at the Institute of Chemistry,
University of São Paulo, invites applications for a 12-month postdoctoral fellowship funded by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) under the supervision of Prof. Henning Ulrich.

This is part of a larger research endeavor within the thematic grant. The project shall investigate the effects of caffeine and adenosine receptors in neurogenesis and neuroprotection using in vitro stem cell models of ’s disease.

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate who has obtained a doctorate degree in within the last 7 years and has a strong publication record. Experience in cell culture and neurodifferentiation is essential, while proficiency in immunostaining, cytometry, biochemistry and molecular biology techniques would be advantageous.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate excellent communication skills, evidenced by presentation of scientific articles and data at conferences. The fellowship, commencing on April 01, 2024, will provide a monthly payment of R $ 9,047.40 (Brazilian Reais) per month, along with bench money.

Interested applicants should submit the following documents to by March 20, 2024:

A motivation letter (up to one page);

C.V, with a list of publications;

One recommendation letter.

Selected candidates will be contacted via email to arrange interviews.

Podem ajudar a divulgar? Se o curso garantir 40 alunos, conseguirão liberar mais verbas pra bolsas de estudos.

a edição cortou toda a emoção da Bia do Brás com a barraca dela 😂

acho que seria mais interesssante, se fosse pra ir ficando a pessoa mais distante. Descobrir o mais querido é de boa.. expor quem vc não gosta movimenta mais o jogo

Scientific #data is becoming increasingly complex, making data #curation increasingly difficult.

In this #PLOSBiology Perspective, a group of biocurators present some simple guidelines for data #accessibility that will help to increase the reach of published studies.

If anyone knows of any senior level programmers or Data Scientists looking to be hired please let me know.

Semantic Web, AI, and Java are some of the key techs. Open-source and Linux oriented experience ideally.

I will be the hiring manager if anyone has questions.

Here are the job descriptions:

Next we have The Cheatles AKA the Chinese Beatles, a Beijing based amateur band that play covers of songs by The Beatles. This is their cover of “Let it Be” AKA “Zaiyiqi”.

TIL Animals can experience time differently from humans. To smaller animals, the world around them moves more slowly compared to humans. Salamanders and lizards, for example, experience time more slowly than cats and dogs.
#til #todayilearned

Criei uma nova conta na para testar o crossposting do spoutible... estou pensando em manter as duas... 🤔

Como um bom sommelier de distros GNU/Linux que sou, achei essa ideia genial!

Um site que emula as várias distribuições mais usadas, no navegador.


It's all connected.

"Seabirds are highly sensitive to changing ocean conditions and prey availability...warning signals from seabirds...predict local collapses of sardines and anchovies."

#Ecology #MarineScience #Environment #Science

to be someone else might be a good way to rest from yourself.

🌼🍈Join us to learn about the newly published paper ‘Developmental stages and episode-specific regulatory genes in andromonoecious melon flower development’ in @AnnBot by Giuliano Pechar and co-authors. (1/7)
👉 #AoBpapers

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