I never believed in "Think global, act local". Although that's what I always did. Like never eating meat, never traveling by plane, never using a car for anything that can be done with a bike, etc. I've been doing all that, because I wanted to do anything at all. As a lifestyle. But I think that makes me part of the problem, because "Think global, act local" just doesn't work, and I was always aware of that. It was for my conscience at the expense of the world. A personal lifestyle.

is different. It's about "Talk local, act global" instead of "Think global, act local". If I were an activist of , I would be proud. But I'm just some person who cares but continues to do nothing but thinking. My conscious lifestyle doesn't influence the global act.

So if you're an activist of and somebody tells you that you should change your personal lifestyle instead, or first, that is before you demand global actions, then please don't listen.

Don't be like me. Don't settle with a meatless but quiet life.

@goto I think "Think global, act local" had to precede to provide required arguments and to present alternatives. You cannot "Talk local, act global" without it.

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