Great article but not sure about the clickbait title! I like the first section particularly, with all the arguments why ensemble is more effective than solo.

Thank you @emilybache it's a bit catchy, right? ☺️
Maybe a bit of a wake up call 😅

@gregorriegler @emilybache you should have called it "Solo Programming Considered Harmful" to have a classic title ;-)

@gregorriegler great article! I am not sure if we actually understand the costs of coding together, if there are any at all. After working in almost exclusive mob environments for many years I feel the often perceived costs are just misconceptions how coding actually works (such as that coding together is slower than doing it solo)

@gregorriegler I think you’ve missed out the cost of programming solo. Yes, it creates crufty code, but that wouldn’t be so bad by itself. The trouble is that we then have to solve the *next* problem on top of this bad code. And that feedback loop rapidly spirals into *very* slow development.

@BarneyDellar I agree, I might add something about that with a link to tims scatter gather

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