Going to try Soylent again... last time it didn't end well. Its been a few years, so here is hoping that they fixed whatever caused that.



What did you try? If Soylent doesn't work out then I'm curious what other options there are.

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@greylaw89 I forget the name, something to do with astronauts or a reference to astronauts. It was the same thing basically and existed before soylent was a thing


For some reason I can't get "tang" out of my head when I read this

@greylaw89 @freemo
Space Food Sticks jumps to my mind, but you might need to be a boomer to remember them.


The stuff im talking about is a powder, you just add water and its a meal.


@freemo @greylaw89
Don't recall an astronaut connection, but maybe Carnation Instant Breakfast?

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