Anyone with a recommendation for a ? I've been considering getting one and just completed my self-imposed two-month test run with a disposable Pilot Varsity with satisfactory results. Here's what I'm looking for:

Something fairly slim, say 11mm barrel or less
Vacuum/plunger fill, piston would be a reasonable alternative
Flexible nib would be a plus

So far I think my best option might be a used Conklin Nozac Vest Pocket or perhaps a Sheaffer Balance Slender. I don't mind a little DIY effort, but if it'd take expensive specialised tools to maintain an old pen, then maybe I'm better off looking at newer models. What can the Fediverse recommend?


I’ve used AT Cross fountain pens, I have two, both metal bodies. One is quite solid and heavy while the other is a finer, lighter, design. However, my most often used fountain pen is a Lamy Safari design. It’s light to hold and probably the most comfortable of the three. All have screw/piston ink holders.
The Lamy is perhaps worth a punt, not too expensive.

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