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after overworking myself for the glory of capitalism and reading Keiji Nishitani, i see Aristotle that hung himself in the lines of text

I guess some people won't accept my follow request cause of my empty profile which makes them suspicious of me, as if I am a russian bot, f*b*i, that unlucky date or whatever another reason.

No, most likely I will never even interfere into your mentions or DM; my sole purpose of being in the Fediverse is the same one why I am on the Internet - I live here. If I don't get anything, I won't bother anyone and just read and learn continuously on my own. Well, maybe the issue is my quite poor communication skills that is caused by living a big part of my life in a very judgemental environment and I can't get used to something different. Self-reflection is hard to process.

Also, I am still getting acquainted (and quite amazed, ngl) with federated network. I need time.

That's it. I am not sorry if I made a language mistake, English is not my native tongue.

Peace out.

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