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What is the Fediverse?
The free social network, simply explained in 30 seconds.

For explaining the gist of the Fediverse to your unenlightened friend. Feedback and contributions are most welcome.


Accounting with scriptable software

This site collects FAQs and a directory for the PTA community's tools, docs and practices.

I really love the pure insanity of the fedi network an open lawless land its so beautiful

@cadence Make sure to regenerate your Diffae–Helley pronoun pair after every interaction to stay safe Yet another superiority of the Fediverse.
Fedi is almost certainly blowing up.

FSE, usually does about 20-25 reqs/second most of the day, and around this time (3 a.m. PST) that's closer to 10r/s. It's currently staying north of 40r/s, where it's been most of the day.

People seem worried about Eternal September 2, but I've been in a good mood, I'm excited about this. People getting away from centralized social networks, this is wonderful.


3D printers which can print themselves.

How close are we?

To think that in the event of a grand catastrophy, the fragile supply chain and library of knowledge for making computer chips would collapse.

We could fall back to typewriter terminals, ham radio -like internet, and magnetic tape storage. But without the CPU, it would take centuries to make a modern computer again.

Aside from RISC-V, I don't know what the plan for longevity is.

@Sage @anonymoose @Wehrmacht

> What you don't seem to understand is that humans are not perfectly rational and that beliefs have consequences.

Humans being perfectly rational and beliefs not having consequences are not preconditions. Nothing he said relies on those being true.

> If someone makes a more convincing argument for something against my values it doesn't matter how good their argument is, they shouldn't be able to speak.

This is probably the dumbest shit I've read all day, and I have already heard a self-identified pedophile bitch and moan about "artistic nude photography".

Try and stop me from saying what I want to say.
@Sage @Wehrmacht @p if someone makes a more convincing argument, you should consider the possibility that you are wrong. If you have considered, and believe you are still right, you should be able to articulate why in an *even more* convincing argument. If you cannot, you're not acting on reason; you're acting on faith.
Here is a last minute birthday gift @sjw
usually i draw something but this will come in handy.

Again, happy birthday and a toast to your day of birth :agooglewine:

Reminder of something hardly mentioned but very important.

Check what keyboard app you're using on your phone. There's no point in using a secure messaging app if all your texts are written on Gboard.

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