I wrote a thing about how & why you should dox yourself on the Internet.

It is your responsibility to try to understand the tools & practices used online. It is your job to understand & protect your identity, data, privacy, & security.



@Wiobyrne Enjoyed reading the post! Relating to that, I remembered there is a bot in Telegram that has a huge database of personally identifiable information, mostly of Russian and Ukrainian citizens; whoever who has even a little piece of data connected with certain person (like name, telephone number, vehicle registration plate, email address, location, etc.) can receive even more sensitive details about them (and doubly after paying for advanced search). As the bot mentions in its results, the data is gathered from postal offices, global telephone directories, e-commerce sites, even banks and other places.
Well, that is a great place for doxing yourself but you can't actually remove that content, AFAK. The bot is alive for quite an outrageously long time.

@guiltbert thanks for the insight. I'd like to learn more about how these bots might be following...and not just collecting followers.

I think there is a lot of digging that needs to be done. :)

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