#qatar political issue 

At least there is a team with “the balls” to do something visual in support, even if there are repercussions!

Consider the cowardly German approach (which is now followed by England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland: Manuel Neuer supposedly should wear some “One-Love” armband to show LGBT support—we all know where Qatar stands in this regard. Mind your, not to rainbow colors, widely recognized, but simply a “colorful” armband.

That is now off the table (or rather arm): Mr. Neuer will not wear anything that might upset FIFA or the homophobic hosts.

Guess, what I am not watching. ;-)

Al Jazeera (unofficial)  
The national team shows support for the anti-government protests taking place after Mahsa Amini's death. Iran refuse to sing national anthem in Wo...
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