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Looking at the amount of money spent to win elections and at the result of polling the public (“reinstate Trump anyone?”) “on the spur of the moment” (vox populi, vox dei?) I would like to remind us all that there still is a forgotten, but classic alternative out there, which according to Aristotle is the only, truly democratic one:

Wer meint, Verteidigungsfähigkeit sei gut und Kriegstüchtigkeit sei schlecht, der liefert wohl auch nur Sandsäcke aber keine Pumpen in Flutgebiete?

Indeed, equal treatment and gender-ignorant processes are called for—but maybe not not affirmative action?

European Commission  
We can reach our full potential only if we use all our talent and diversity. Gender equality is a core principle of the EU, but it is not a reality...

Was für ein Glückspilz! Alle, die sich gegen Putin stellen, haben zufällig einen tödlichen Unfall

Let’s agree that this is not personal, I do not feel addressed by “anti-gun-nut” and I don’t intend to mark you personally. I may sometimes confuse what you cite with what you claim - forgive me for that.

Let’s try to focus on what we may tentatively agree upon:

1. Murder and assaults are to be condemmed and prosecuted first of all. Not weapons are killers, but their users.

2. A focus of a weapon may be reasonable if the potential harm of misuse is rather high (similar assessing risk of failure and potential damage in a risk analysis). It may seem appropriate to regulate use and access to weapons if there is significant risk and damage in potential misuses.

3. Certainly, there are inconsistencies - we do not live in perfect rational worlds and risk preferences vary strongly.

Is 3 the main reason for our disagreement? E.g., because you may easily get chemicals to build weapons of mass distraction, but guns are in comparison overly restricted? If so, then we should work on that, but I do not see a pro grun case. So, yes, buying poison or gases might also be regulated more strictly.

People have abducted planes, if you remember… There is no absolute security. But people react to risks and mass shootings are more frequent than all other neglected dangers that you have cited.

What then is you point? I indeed may totally have missed it, sorry.

PS: You gun-carrying survivor certainly has more options than a non-carrying person, but that is “linear thinking” and works ceteris paribus only. If all do it (carry guns) perpetrators will account for that so that misses out on feedback and unintended consequences…

🎓 Doc Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
@gwr Fair enough. I should have asked what was meant. And certainly, attributes like “automatic” or “assault” distort rational exchange — as doe...

@freemo @LouisIngenthron

Fair enough. I should have asked what was meant. And certainly, attributes like “automatic” or “assault” distort rational exchange — as does “anti-gun-nuts” in the cartoon.

The dissimilarities between the other weapons and guns are imo so striking, that it is hard to really take the cartoon more serious:
You can defend yourself against attacks from the other weapons and the perpetrator needs to approach you closely. Columbine and Utoya would very, very likely not have had casualties anywhere near the ones obtained with other weapons than guns.

What is the likeliness of getting a serious or even fatal wound accidentally from cleaning those other weapons (or tools as you say).

Honestly, that cartoon to me looks as stupid as they can get. And it tries to be “sophisticated” and “clever”—but imho it just is not.

(Interesting, that you claim people would be alive had they carried a gun—I doubt your ability to be simulate alternate real scenarios to a reliable degree here…)

📢CFP Deadline Extension!!! 📢
The Deadline for the Call For Proposals for JuliaCon 2024 conference has been extended to Wednesday 31st January 2024


CFP Deadline: Wednesday 31st January 2024 23:59 (CET). #Julialang #coding

Ein weiteres Argument für ein AfD-Verbot kommt von @muellertadzio: Das Verbotsverfahren macht es der Union unmöglich, mit der AfD zu koalieren.


L - Lesbians aren’t shooting things up.
G - Gays aren’t shootings things up.
B - Bisexuals aren’t shooting things up.
T - Transgender people aren’t either.
Q- Queer people are safely on the list.

It’s radicalized right wing fascist MAGAs that are shooting things up.
Republicans are a bigger and more widespread threat to children.

Speak up now, because they may come for you next.


RT Ich kann das Gespräch von Prince Harry mit Stephen Colbert von heute Nacht empfehlen.

Colbert hat als kleiner Junge seinen Vater und Brüder verloren. Das Gespräch über Verlust und Trauer ist bemerkenswert


“In #Finland, the number of homeless people has fallen sharply. Those affected receive a small apartment and counselling with no preconditions. 4 out of 5 people affected make their way back into a stable life. And all this is CHEAPER than accepting homelessness.”

Make sure everyone understands this — It’s costing us far too much to NOT provide housing and supports to those who are homeless.

#homelessness #cities #housing #HousingFirst

Twitter / Musks poll results in majority voting for him to step down as twitter head. 

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