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Hey @hare,

The latest blog post made me look back at Hare. This is getting nicely together.

One thing came up while rereading the docs : what's the story or plans wrt multithreading and coroutines ?

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@smlavine c compiler written in hare can now compile harec

hare is partially maintained by two tetris pieces

Made some progress on hare-tls this week. It can "verify" certificate chains and I've ported EC from BearSSL. That means it can verify certificates against 99% of the certificates of the mozilla trust source. It's not bulletproof yet though, there are some shortcuts and some critical steps I still need to implement.

Code is in the "making it work" phase. I'll probably add certificate verification to TLS and then I'll slowly start to refactor and rework most of it to make it good.


I’m really glad that #harelang doesn’t have macros. I really hope this serves as an inspiration for all future language design.

submitted my first micro contribution to #harelang today by proposing to fix the first stdlib tutorial example code!

it involved:

- getting a failing run from the hare compiler
- forming a hypothesis
- digging into the stdlib docs
- finding out there is no sha256::SIZE anymore
- forking the repo
- preparing the patchset via sourcehut (a first for me, also I am not ready yet to embrace git-send-email)
- submitting the patchset

for (let i = 0z; i < len(greetings); i += 1)

Я недавно начал копать в сторону нового языка #hare, пока все очень интересно

The more I look into Hare the more I'm convinced it honestly may be the language I've been looking for.

Easy to grasp syntax, namespaces, proper strings, no header files.. It's "boring" and I find that really good.

I think I am joining the #Hare club. #Zig and #Odin of course interest me too, but the first one I'll go with will be Hare when making something new from scratch.

In the end languages are tools and I just want C but with quality of life features. Hare seems to nail that.

out of the new "modern #C" or "C+" or whatever languages like #zig (right), #hare (left) seems to be the nicest, at the language level at least. clean block structure is hugely underrated and otherwise nice languages that take it for granted to ensure you can do

node.* = .{ .data = value, .next = null };
if (this.end) |end| = node
else this.start = node;
this.end = node;

...completely ruins a block's clarity with too much syntax, which is part of what makes C code very confusing depsite being a minimal language (I also think there is something nice about the way that C does it, but its nice because you've seen it forever, not because they were great design decisions)

meanwhile I don't need to read anything about hare or even squint to read the code and understand whats happening.

For the #hare crew who have given this a try, thank you! I'll have an update published soon. I'm trying a newer commit so updating is seamless, but probably not the very latest commit (looks like it's got some problems).

#harelang #fedora

From: @omenos

decided to give @hare a try this week and i really like it, in our tech world where everything is built on the shoulders of giants having a simple language like hare feels refreshing! :D

#programming #hare

I wrote an SDF ray-marching engine in #harelang. This is the first time I've got so far in writing a rendering engine, reminds me of when I was 15 or so experimenting with #PovRay. That's what got me into programming in the very beginning. Hare is a fun little language. Thanks @drewdevault.

I'll start with good news. It took more than I expected, but I finally completed the work on my #dnscrypt client implementation:

It is complete rewrite of my previous work, now with TCP support, proper cache implementation and #io_uring as a core for event handling and networking. All of this is developed with #harelang. Enjoy!

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