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powerctl: A small case study in Hare for systems programming
August 28, 2022 on Drew DeVault's blog

@syscrash They want to use #Rust. The problem is that Rust takes a ton of resources to compile and isn't the best for older computers. I think #Hare might be the future language, and it's compatible with #riscv.

Presenting Bonsai - Improved sxmo complex keybinds 

I've been very busy last week writing hare code. The main goal is to replace some #sxmo ugly scripts that handle multi-key keybinds but this can be used in way more situations (aka: domotics).

I named it Bonsai cause you basically write trees full of branches and a voyager travel it and eventually trigger things.

I just wrote a basic readme to give more explanation on how it works :

Thanks a lot to Drew and other #hare folks that worked on Harelang and replied to my questions. I had much fun writing this and I hope it will become very reliable soon enough !

Just shipped a massive diff to the Harelang people: the first draft of #OpenBSD support in the #Hare stdlib.

Update: I'll use @hare to make a sandbox platform. Really simple, really small, just proof of concept, but well done with beautiful pixel art and stratospheric lightweightness

Introducing the Himitsu keyring & password manager for Unix
June 20, 2022

A project, influenced by 's factotum.

Made a new app again :)

This is a graphical and mobile ready frontend for the Himitsu secret store.

Thanks to @vladh’s great work, now has tuple unpacking, as per the spec section

const (a, b, c): (i64, str, f64) = (2i, "hello", 1.0);

Does anyone know of any good literature on datetime arithmetic? Or perhaps a really good software library (standard or third-party)? Especially anything that tackles non-communitivity, overflows or nonexistant dates/times (due to timezone effects).

I'm looking to rehaul the stdlib datetime module soon, and we want it to be very robust and of high quality. Will also be helpful in some Hare projects, like a scheduler.


The closest thing to a useful standard I've found is this:


In the mean time, I'm trying to create a formalisation of datetime arithmetic so we can have something theoretically sound to implement. Something which takes advantage of Hare's language features. If you're interested, let me know. The more gray matter, the better. Boosts welcome.

Himitsu, a new project!

A secure secret storage system for Unix-like systems. It provides an arbitrary key/value store (where values may be secret) and a query language for manipulating the key store.

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