Hello, I'm new here on Mastodon. Brazilian, studying math at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Love math, physics, cars, tech. Vegetarian.

Hahaha, physics is beautiful. Here in Brazil we have something called "Iniciação Científica", where you can study more advanced topics while you're on your undergraduation program. My actual area of study is mathematical-physics, dealing with something called Hamiltonian Systems. Really liking it...


@bsoluco I did 'Engineering Science'. Went to work the oil fields one summer -- a big bust came. Then did engineering geophysics. I can't see much money in math, unless it's encryption, but that'll bust when we have quantum systems. Maybe you could go over the quantum computers. You always have to look out for the money. :)

Well, actually I want to become a doctor or PhD and work in some university, you know... I can't see myself working on some company or manufacturer

@bsoluco That's good, stay away from geophysics. If you study it, then spurious correlations drive you nuts, like carbon and temperature. Aaah! Then everybody tries to kill you.

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