NASA Groupthink video

We all had to see this as nuclear engineers. It's a lesson buried in 'unlearned' history. In summary, all 'scientists' just assumed things, that they knew nothing about. This is true 'scientific consensus'. The poor schnook physics guy was crucified for not laying his body on the shuttle launch rails. That is why I don't recommend physics for anybody. Leads to early death. :)

Epilogue - Sadly, the schnook died a homeless pauper, begging for coins from BMW's. The root cause was demonstrated to the influencers by the Great Feynman who dipped an o-ring into his Scotch on the Rocks. They raised their eyebrows and immediately flipped to the 'Stupidity Defense'. "Why did we not know about this?" He died shortly after, being smashed by a selfie death off a cliff. :(

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