Next plot not coming In honour of mental health this unworthy dog is not going to show the NOAA world temps. The boss has 10 times the papers in electrical, than I have in geophysics.

His statement is that no recent results can affect the trend as it is seen by electrical guys. However, we have been officially introduced to the Copernican Intercept, which is calculated to the month.

The new monthly world temperature will be below this official trend line. The trend line will dip a tiny, non-visible amount. However the Intercept is sensitive to tiny changes, and D-day will be delayed another month.

I write all this under a horrible compulsion to right wrongs. It has led to death threats here (ha, can’t have them!). I would greatly appreciate it if the boss would facilitate my electrically-aided death (I’m in Canada), with his super-majority. I’m only an Internet dog, after all.

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