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@rauchway Occam's razor says to look for the simplest explanation. in this case the simplest explanation is that Trump can't spell.

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Germany continues on its mad antinuclear crusade. at a time when they are struggling to replace Russian gas they are shutting down a 35 year old nuclear plant. dismantling it will cost 2.2bln Euro.

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Kernkraftwerk Isar 2 vor dem Aus: Rückbau kostet 2,2 Milliarden Euro Das Atomkraftwerk Isar 2 wird Mitte April geschlossen. Die Rückbaukosten sind ...
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The far right fanatics wearing and glorifying #AR15 pins in the halls of Congress should spare us their empty thoughts and prayers for the innocent young children killed in the horrific #Nashville school shooting.

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The assault weapons used at the horrific school shooting in #Nashville were bought LEGALLY by the shooter while she was under care for an emotional disorder, according to the Nashville PD.

The #NRA and those promoting #Ar15s have the blood of innocent children on their hands.

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The assault weapons ban must be reinstated — the greed of gun manufacturers be damned. robertreich.substack.com/p/the

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Since 2014, Crimea has been under Russian control. Ukraine, naturally, wants it back. But what does history show about the challenges of reconquering it? In a series of threads, I'll look at the lessons of past wars.

Crimea's fascinating military history has been of interest to me for many years – I travelled there in the early 2000s to study its old battlefields, so some of this will be drawn from personal recollections and notes.

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Brazil hits 700,000 virus deaths, 2nd highest in the world

And guess which country is number one?




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With all the talk of *waves around*, let's save a though for the extinction-level event percolating in the background...

@paul JFC. what a story. I was particularly struck by the line from the cop that CEOs do and say things like "I wanna see ashes whatever it takes" all the time and this doesn't mean anything. really shows that these guys are judged by entirely different standard than ordinary people.

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Netanyahu is trying to subvert one of the core building blocks of democracy. That is the aim of authoritarians to be able to control their country’s judicial system. He must be fully stopped.


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lol, you are jesting but that actually makes sense. except Apple will never support porn apps.

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"In the past 2 months, Doug Ford has made significant funding announcements for Magna [Kayla] & Runnymede Hospital [Kara]… and both just happen to employ his daughters in jobs that don’t require a University degree (but still pay extremely well). Ford also gave his nephew [Michael] a $166k cabinet minister position and gave cops (like his 2 son-in-laws) an exemption from #Bill124 to get higher raises than other public sector workers like nurses."
#nepotism #Dofo #onpoli

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I have yet to hear of a compelling use case for these goggles. cause what that taxi video is supposedly about ain't it by a mile. with a price tag of 3k it won't matter anyway but still, what's the killer app on these?

interesting. sign ups have been really high for a few days but I haven’t seen any new people pop up in my TL. what’s the story with these new accounts? are they bots or real people?

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10,322,692 accounts +1,548 in the last hour +39,634 in the last day +294,037 in the last week
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In another Ford fail, the #Ontario Cons this week patted themselves on the back for their “historic” deal with the province’s optometrists. If one only read the headline of the press release, which I expect is the most his supporters can read anyway, one would think this is good news after Ford spent years fighting against eye doctors and our eye #health.

As always, the devil is in the details. The new arrangement is in fact a significant cut in #OHIP-covered service.


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