Just came back from the dentist (cleaning). They used to be highly COVID conscious until recently. But today I was greeted with this sign in the waiting room. 🤦‍♂️

Here we go again. is rapidly deteriorating in Toronto and will get much worse soon. Look what is happening to the west of us already.

Stay safe, folks. Get indoors, close windows and run air purifiers if you have them.

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it's happening again so I checked the map again.
lots of red (= unhealthy air quality) in . nothing in the news about it. I guess this is the new normal?

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my air purifier has been showing elevated pm2.5 levels the last couple of days. that's even with windows closed. are the wildfires still burning? or is this something else? I checked the air quality map and there is a lot of orange and even some red in southern Ontario but I don't see anything about it in the news.

Gun nutters in US: come and try to take our guns, we dare you!
Thieves: Your proposal is acceptable.

Aim well, lads. A single man wearing a crown is a small target.

Here is Simonyan crowing about it and thanking Elon for his "brotherly action". She is Putin's Goebbels btw. one of the most odious and enthusiastic cheerleaders of the genocide of Ukraine.

I am only surprised he didn't pay for her verification from his pocket. since this is apparently a thing now, what's another 8 bucks among friends, eh Elon?

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Just when you think he can't do any worse he does. has removed "state affiliated" labels from RT and other Kremlin propagandists. now CBC and NPR have labels but RT does not.

Loooool! Is this more sad or more pathetic? Musk was not happy with the number of views of his tweets so he is resorting to this shameless self promotion:


alternate solution? that’s a new one. is there a way to see the other solution?

I am in ER at Toronto Western waiting to see a doctor and there is a patient right here waiting too. Only separated by this screen with a sign about droplet precautions. smh. Someone should let the hospital know that

while removed the scammy apps mentioned on that Verge article I linked because of the publicity they have nor addressed the underlying problems and plenty of similar apps are still in the App Store. Here is one I stumbled upon myself in October. It’s still in the Canadian App store and has been for years. And near the top of the list when you search for scanner apps which is how I found it.

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oof. that was a tricky one.

is my favorite words game. recommended to anyone who enjoys .


Well, I feel defeated. might be good at essay writing but is a different story.

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