1st post random thoughts:

  1. who do you recommend following that I might enjoy reading / following / having conversations with?

  2. is there a dark mode on this thing? Or is that a per instance thing and I’ve chosen the wrong one for wanting a dark screen?

  3. I am sorry to anyone I have hit follow / unfollow / subscribe on since I don’t know what kind of notifications you got or what level of interaction I was committing to when I did those things.

I really am just diving in here to see what works and what doesn’t… and I hope I don’t end up regretting tagging with the following…

@hilarybaumann There’s a dark mode, Settings -> Preferences -> Check out the many themes this site has to offer.

I personally have gone for Mastodon Default Theme (Dark) myself.

Welcome to Qoto and the Fediverse!

@hilarybaumann Downloading? I’m actually talking about the mobile web interface, not an app. Unless you meant that? ;)

@trinsec someone else said app … so … guess there’s more than one way here?

@hilarybaumann Yes. I’d actually recommend using the mobile web interface, it’s already very mobile friendly.

See, Qoto is running on a modified Mastodon instance, with many extra features added (see here: ).

The problem is that most apps are made for default Mastodon, without all those extra features. Some apps might not work that nicely, others will simply show the default options, you’d miss out on all those extras.

Seeing as you easily can pin a site to your home screen via your mobile’s browser, and considering that the web interface has a very friendly mobile interface, I’d suggest you could try that out first.

@trinsec got it - the app I was thinking of using was MetaText but … extra features sounds better and mobile bookmark I’m good with.

I had actually signed up for a different server on I think Thursday but it never sent the confirmation email. I’m not certain how I ended up on qoto today when looking for an alternate option to my primary choice so I didn’t realize it had extra functionality.

But the others I was looking at were either too sketch or closed due to spam/influx in the last few days. I understood that server uptime and ssl was important and an established user base that wasn’t too small meant it wasn’t too new. Yada Yada.

So I dove in here.

@hilarybaumann Quite an adventure, but I’m sure this place’ll be great for you! :)

@trinsec And themes - got that part too. And now I have the dark background on the computer I was hoping for. :)

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