Mmmm Mastodon is not like a protocol but a platform that uses a protocol. I'm starting to understand.

But still ... the username / handle aspect of this is still bothering me. If each instance is just a community, I have a broad range of interests so picking one community for my handle to live in still feels ... odd to me.

Now to go understand the main protocol better...

@hilarybaumann Some people have multiple accounts for multiple communities. Others just have one acocunt and post everything on there. Most servers are fine by this in my experience.

@trinsec I already have multiple accounts across Matodon communities (the first one I signed up for finally got me the confirmation email) and got metatext to handle having more than one and the notifications but would prefer one main personal account.

I understand what's possible but I don't think it's ideal.

I'm still thinking like email, decentralized social media should let you have one main handle somehow.

And/or I'm deciding how I want to exist within this system.

That's a barrier to entry to the non-tech person. You know how many people I still have to visit with in Facebook because they can't comprehend something else? Or even think that other platforms are even worse (or think that tiktok is going to kidnap their child somehow.)

Know how many people I used to email in a nonprofit because they couldn't use any other project management tools? Email was about the extent of their tech skills. I do not live in Silicon Valley. I do have to deal with a number of people with minimal tech skills.

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