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Hello world (and universe)! I'm a journalist from who writes about and whatever else is trending that day.

I'm a full-time staff writer at and freelance for numerous other publications. I also teach communications at the post-secondary level.

My favourite stories cover , and other ways to make our universe a little bit more inclusive. Here's an example:

In my spare time I enjoy and learning .

Drop by and say hi!

After 1 year in , what's next for an ? 'Peace and quiet' on Earth, Frank says.

The record-breaking astronaut spoke to reporters from the International Space Station Tuesday (Sept. 19), two days ahead of the 365-day mark for his mission.

I was talking to my son on the phone yesterday and I told him I suck at stretching my #astrophotography images, and he encouragingly said that I’d figure it out. Motivated, I spent time today working in #siril and stretching a month’s old shot of M42. I think I made progress.

Pushing the limits of what’s feasible with my rig and from my light polluted site. This is my take in RGB (no narrowband data at all) and with a “modest” light pollution filter (Baader Moon & Skyglow Filter) of the Cocoon Nebula.
Ionized hydrogen, reflecting nebula, dust and multicolored stars, all together for our own pleasure. Technology and a little bit of craft allow us to see this fantastic corner of our own galaxy.

#Astrodon #astronomy #astrophotography #space #stars #nebula #outdoors

Space names crew for mission to

Houston-based Axiom Space named the full crew of four people who will fly to the International Space Station on the Ax-3 mission no sooner than January 2024, in a company announcement Tuesday (Sept. 12).

'It's been an incredible challenge:' tells all on setting new record for longest US spaceflight.

By the time he departs the station, Frank Rubio will be the first American to spend a year in space on one mission.

Was able to shoot all night last night, and was even able to grab the Horsehead Nebula just before dawn this morning with the C11 at f/10 which gives a nice close up.

Loral O'Hara ready for launch to relieve crew in space.

A NASA astronaut is getting ready for her first trip in space, which will relieve one of her colleagues who was unexpectedly there for a year.

Black celebrate ISS, missions while reflecting on history.

says 18 Black astronauts have been to so far, and more are scheduled to reach the final frontier soon.

The #supermoon and the Lovell telescope at #jodrellbank

(Did my best with the composite, but still so much better in person)

#astronomy #astrophotography #moon

Thanks so much to Hera Rising for trusting me and with this neat exclusive: the first woman stratospheric jump will take place in 2025.

Here are the 3 women, all POC, who could fly.

And read more about one of the skydivers' journeys here:

I flew weightlessly on a parabolic flight to see incredible student science soar.

Many thanks to the National Research Council, SEDS Canada and the Canadian Space Agency for organizing this.

What 1st Canadian on mission is learning from his crewmates (exclusive).

moon astronaut Jeremy Hansen spoke with about his upcoming 2024 mission.

mission is on track, but questions remain about .

NASA 'may want to fly a different mission' if SpaceX isn't ready for a moon landing in 2025, an agency official said.

After a whirlwind week of travel arrangements I landed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to meet a crew, their moon spacecraft ... and two other spacecraft besides. Thanks to the huge team of people who got me to the event.

My first story:

UK unearths a surprise ahead of 1st launches this year.

Shiny quartz, giant granite stones and a possible cremation came to light during a dig at the new SaxaVord Spaceport readying for rocket launches on the United Kingdom's northernmost island.

Denmark's plans to snap aurora photos on the .

captured during his last stay on the International Space Station, and hopes to repeat this on a mission launching in August.

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