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This is what most people actually believe about the theory of (South Park therefore expect lots of cussing)

"History" of physics full of the likes of Newton and Einstein shit-talking each other! :flower: :popcornparrot:

Woohoo, I did it! Had to frankenstein together 2 or 3 different websearched sets of instructions but here we go, it's working.

Also shout out to @ssokolow for recommending a pull-down terminal emulator; tapping a hotkey is much more convenient!

OFC they'd put up the new network towers in densely-populated areas -- the same areas where any pandemic would most easily spread. Duh! Correlation does not equal causation! :facepalm:

Even though I'm almost certain there's an easier way to do this, I'm too lazy to learn it at the moment. :mario_flop: :blobblush: :doggoblob:

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