There has to be a way to get this window to look like the second instead of the first, kind of like !

Had fun spending almost 2 hours this morning messing around with options in my 's ( for ) like I did in on my before it went kaput. They were right: it DOES offer lots of little doo-hickeys to play with like KDE but still lightweight enough to use on a decade-old lappy!

Chris Ulmner is a fucking saint, I think I'm going to look into donating to his cause.

Special Books by Special Kids, check it out

Oh the irony of naming a scientific discovery over someone whose entire platform is anti-education in nature. I cant tell you how many environmentalist organizations I had to stop donating to or participate in because they adopted her image too. She makes me sad :(

QT: []


**Citizen scientists discover a new snail, name it after Greta Thunberg** "Participants in a citizen-science expedition in the Ulu Temburong Nation...

Sadly, must stick to defaults in both and since IceCat sees any theme I try to install as corrupt and the tiny number of themes mess up one or two essentials like making the backgrounds of file managers white (OUCH MY EYES). Sad sad.

Almost March; about time to hunt for and to match the !

Instead of plain scenes (like I'd done for the past three months: [ ] and of snowy mountains, snowy forests at night, snowy cities, snowy this-and-that...) I'm thinking of nature ( ) and ( ) like , , and even D&D/cRPG ( ) like Obad-Hai and Kynareth!

And of course green-ifying the heck out of my desktop environments and so on! I like the default theme of on ( ) with its simple "dark solarpunk" flavor, but my and desktop definitely need work.

We can never express the things that don't have a word for it as our mind is bounded to the limits of the language through which it thinks, However Art on the other hand transcends beyond the limits of linguistics!

Wish I could get friends & family to use more secure messengers like Matrix and Jami. But it was hard enough to get a handful to get on the !propeller-head-friendly !

There's no way I could convince anyone to try anything that even looks "l33t h4x0ry" who use their phones for nothing more than texting, , and shooting family photos. :pain_2:

Anyone here use Nebula, CuriosityStream, and so on? Any good or mass-advertised bunk?

You're a druid, wildshifted to the same species as your animal companion. You've casted Awaken on your animal companion so it has human-level intelligence and sentience. You two do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Is this bestiality??

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” - Arthur C. Clarke

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