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Is there even a shred of evidence for anything of the sort or is this yet more & (or as it's called anymore) from cackling trolls?

"Clear and present danger" means legal limits may be placed upon any and , including from the . In all but name, / is a clear and present danger. To whomever made this and everyone else who reposts it believing it to be true: FAIL

I wouldn't be surprised if someone filled one of these out on failberk.

Saw when I was today. I guess Easter Trees are a thing. Nice to have something fun during this generally unfun time.

70-yo ZOOMER
>"Back in MY day, personal computers didn't even HAVE hard drives!"
>"WHEN are we going back to the MOON??"
>broke: all smart tech / woke: no smart tech / bespoke: hacked smart tech with all tracking crap removed or at best neutered & all walls in home covered in Faraday Cage
>"Transgender, transage, trans-this-n-that... whatever, so long as my great-grandkids are also transHUMAN!"
>too bad I won't be around when VR finally stops sucking
>"back in MY day, we had to go on at least five dates before seeing ladies in underwear, but now they're sharing nudes for free! I LOVE the Internet!!"
>sci-fi is so damned depressing anymore
>only idiots let tech enslave them!

Neighbor knocks on my door to ask my help setting up his new smartphone (he's only ever used flip phones). When I finished getting it ready he was amazed I "got it in three minutes" when he was "struggling the past four hours". Afterwards talked with him a bit and showed him a few this-n-thats with the phone (like how to add contacts) and if he wants to try the Internet I'll let him use my wi-fi (he doesn't have a computer).

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