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For the purposes of compared privacy*, security*, anonymity*, and so on, how difficult is it for bad actors to phreak a landline as opposed to a smartphone or other mobile?

Furthermore, how much more info would be gathered from a compromised smart- or even dumbphone as opposed to a landline?

Also I was reminded one shouldn't bother bringing stuff up like this to non-tech/-security types as I just had to respond to my dad's "we are never going to be able to get away from being tracked / no matter what you do, someone will know what ur doing / landlines can be tapped into easily / you're pissing into the wind" (surprised I didn't get the tired old "if you're doing nothing illegal what's the problem?" with "We'll never get away with cars and homes being broken into, but we still lock our doors don't we? / We'll never get away from accidental pregnancies, but we still use birth control, right? / And no matter what you do, you'll eventually die of old age. / Gonna get sick anyway so why bother with health insurance? / Gonna have to go outside eventually so why live in a home or apartment? / Gonna get hungry anyway so why eat? Gonna get thirsty anyway so why drink?" SIGH, this has to be a named fallacy since it's brought up so, so often!!

* Of course we know phones are a joke when it comes to these, especially anonymity, but comparatively between the two...

@hrisskar Very hateful comic. We should respect all people regardless of their beliefs.

Hey, you

Spend this evening installing and playing around with Plan 9:

Go deep. The source code is installed at /sys/src. Seek out how things work, read the man pages, see if you can't get this and that working.

If you do, no other evening will have a greater impact the way you think about computers.

After so much work, putting so much time and energy into my account, Instagram closed my entire account today, in effect stealing my writing, formatting and editing work by locking me out of my account. That's why I'm turning to Mastodon. Never again will I trust Instagram. They really suck.

What if Dagoth Ur NEVER Woke Up? - Alternate History - Elder Scrolls Lore


【Múa Trung Quốc】❀ Nhịp Điệu Cầu Vồng✿【Hiểu Đan】 |【晓丹】国风扇子版 彩虹节拍❤

ily zhang

The next step in Earth-like Exoplanet discovery - the blurry images of CHEOPS


Goblins: The Creepy History of European Folklore (Mysterious Legends & Creatures #12)

The Legends of History

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