@foodnoms Hi! Since I updated to the last version one of my shortcuts is behaving differently, and I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug. I log my breakfast through a “Log meal” action and it used to log it as “breakfast” and now as a “morning” meal. Could it work as before, or maybe add an option to the shortcut action to choose which meal (breakfast, lunch, snack…) a meal log is?

@iPabloSB Hey! Was this an option before? I thought it wasn't. But regardless, it's on my short list!

And sorry for the super delayed response. I forgot to set up notifications on this account and missed out on several replies and DMs.

@foodnoms I think the behavior before the update was to set it as one of the meals if it was logged during that time (breakfast before 10, lunch between 11-2, and so on). Now, even when I log my breakfast meal via the shortcut, it sets it as a “morning” meal.

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