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The fact that Microsoft Teams 🤮 contains a feature called "Teams" where actual teams can create a Team, and at Microsoft the teams working on that feature probably have a Team to discuss the Teams feature, suggests that there exists a Microsoft Microsoft Teams Teams Teams' Microsoft Teams Team.

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In an unbelievable act of corporate vandalism, Paramount completely erased the entire archives of MTV dot com, wiping out more than 30 years and hundreds of thousands of pages

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My biggest wish for WWDC24 is that they don't show a video of a few dozen developers being crushed by an industrial hydraulic press to create an AI coding assistant for Xcode.

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It’s so crazy that climate deniers think humans don’t cause climate change but volcanos eruptions do.

The eruption of Mount St. Helens released ~10 Mt of CO₂ into the atmosphere.

Human activities currently release that amount of CO₂ in ~2 hours.

@coffeegeek Have you tried the Flair coffee scale? I’m in the market for an entry level scale, I’m not 100% convinced by the 3Bomber mini, and the Flair falls at the same price point. I wonder if they managed to make a decent scale that goes well with Flair machines or if it’s not up to standards. And it seems nobody on the coffee scene has reviewed it…

@coffeegeek We spoke a week ago about waiting for the flair 58 instead of going for the new Flex, and Flair did a memorial sale with about 20% off on all machines, including the 58+ which is the first time it gets a discount. You bet I bit the bait and got it! Looking forward to testing my ability to hand pull espresso.

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The flip side to “Europeans are lazy and don’t work hard” is that we’re able to maintain a modern society with a high standard of living while still being able to spend time with our families. And why kill yourself through overwork when most of the rewards go to somebody else, anyway?

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Remember in Blues Brothers when they end up at the Nazi rally and the point isn't even that Jake really hates Nazis, it's that Nazis are about the biggest losers that anyone could imagine. They are portrayed as completely pathetic dead-ender assholes.

Or in the Rocketeer when the mobsters find our the Sinclair guy is a Nazi and join forces with the FBI to stop them because Nazis are clearly the worst thing.

Or when Christopher Plummer rips the Nazi flag in two in Sound of Music.

None of these films were making bold political statements. The Nazis were the bad guys because that was something that everyone in the audience could agree one. Dunking on Nazis was a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

When the hell did we stop agreeing on something so simple and self-evident as Nazis Are Fucking Losers?

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There is no middle ground on the basic right to abortion care. Either you believe women should control their own bodies, or you believe the government should control women's bodies. That's it. Anti-choice hypocrites want us to believe it's murky, but it's not. It's that simple.

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The Verge article on the best printer in 2024 is just completely brilliant in so many ways.

And also kinda sad.

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Things I learned this morning:

-The bridge is woke.
-The ship that crashed into the bridge is woke.
-It was a Russian or Chinese cyber attack.
-But it was also a false flag.
-Yesterday's legal experts are now structural engineers.
-It will take somewhere between one day and ten years to build a new bridge.

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I’ll let you in on a secret: I love sporadically updated weblogs. I subscribe to over 1200 feeds and most of them are sporadic or even technically “inactive”. Months often pass between updates

It means that every post published was important to the writer

Back in the days of snail mail, letters that began with “It’s been a while since I last wrote to you” were the ones people cherished the most

You don’t need to post every day or even every week to have a blog that matters

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The tech pundits, wherever the land on AI, seem pretty willing to ignore the climate impacts in a way that can fairly be compared to crypto-bros.

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Cómo me gusta encontrarme citas de #GNUTerryPratchet cada dos por tres. Qué cerebro galaxia, qué inteligencia deslumbrante acompañada de un corazón exactamente donde aspiro que esté el mío algún día. Y qué penita habernos quedado sin él, pero qué contento de haber compartido planeta con un tipo así.

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You're allowed to post on your blog once every decade, and you don't even need to apologize for it. That's also part of having your own space.

Personal sites aren't a competition, and productivity doesn't have to be a metric.

(note to self)

Finished Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett. He was a genius with amazing books, and this one is no different. As every Discworld novel, kept me entertained until the end and had a lot of funny moments. Totally recommended, even if you know nothing about Discworld!

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Introducing the Open Science Network 🔬
We're thrilled to be part of this initiative dedicated to building open and federated digital spaces to push the boundaries of open science and scholarly communication.
🔗 Explore more on the website:
📢 Dive into the details in our announcement blog post:
@brembs @UlrikeHahn @jorge @open_science

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When people say “RSS is dead” what they really mean is “we couldn’t figure out a way to monetise RSS.”


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