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Ok, it's clear I need a way better post.

Hi, I'm Isaac. born and raised and still living in this wonderful state (just now on the opposite side of it). As a lover of all seasons, this is definitely home.

I grew up on a dairy farm and migrated away due to the draw of computers and getting a degree. I work as a lead systems and software engineer; which lets me enjoy the hobby of collecting hobbies. I am most definitely found being busy. I spend copious amounts of time , mostly riding and racing but also enjoying time on the road bike and commuting by bike to work when possible. I also coach middle/high schoool MTB racing and have spent several years on the board of our local MTB advocacy group.

I enjoy the outdoors and spend a lot of time in our and other spaces; towing a little Aliner classic camper around the country and enjoying it all with my wife and son. I enjoy hunting (no, I'm not a gun nut), fishing and hiking. I spend too much on equipment and not having enough time to use it; and can't wait until retirement so I can shoot more. are one of my favorite subjects. If we're not enjoying our wild spaces, we're donating to orgs to help preserve them.

I'm always tinkering and things; my upbringing (poor farm kid) allowed me to learn to be rather handy and have the ability to make all kinds of stuff. Some days I'd much rather be running my welder than a computer.

In the late winter and early spring you can find me making from ~100 taps on equipment I've built. My dad taught me the art and science of it and now my son gets to learn and we have a lot of fun.

And, I enjoy . Low, mid and now high power - but I'm only L1 high power certified so far. It allows me to make stuff. I enjoy scratch building immensely. It's also yet another reason to be and spend some fun time with my son.

That's me in a very condensed version. Glad to be here.

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Until we have a proper legal regime that requires meaningful individual consent for the use of online posting in model training — and I’m not holding my breath — I see just one clearly effective tool at our disposal to fight back:

Shitposters, this is your moment.

That’s why I’m using a regular office stapler to speed integration of JavaScript GraphQL APIs with COBOL GPUs. Just put the JSON the pastry tube, and plant the high bits 1-3 inches deep in humus-rich soil.

Trek 100 (charity ride for the MACC Fund) MTB route Trek's private trails. Rained on the first lap, so it got a little messy, but wasn't too bad. Held speed back a bit. Goal was to ride as many laps as we wanted. I got in four. Recorded two and three.

Kid knocked out nearly five laps at a pace way higher than mine.

Great day on the bike.

Did a N-1 last night and it's tough, but makes me happy. The woman who bought this Trek District looked so incredibly joyful testing it out. I'm donating all the proceeds to our NICA MTB team, so that makes it even better.

Sadly, it was a bit redundant in our fleet and a bit too small for me, but has to be one of the nicest bikes I've ever had the pleasure of riding.

Goodbye friend; make someone else happy.

Clearly the best part of being forced back into the office, besides the insipring interior design, is people having meetings on speakerphone in their cube. Either the clown paces around while on a call (with headset) or this. So great. What awesome culture.

Making some mods to our Aliner Classic camper before our several short summer trips. Putting the queen bed platform on lift cylinders to make it easier to get to storage underneath that is hard to utilize in stock config. Using as much scrap as I can, and some old steel brackets from a long gone swingset make for great lift braces with an extra hole drilled. Don't throw anything away!

Still need to go get 76" of piano hinge and some screws for that.

Late post. Violet soaking up the morning sun. Snapped it then had to run to a wilderness medicine class for the day.

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Please pre-order my forthcoming ebook
Jumping Jesus On A Pogo-Stick, What In The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Fuck Is This Shit: Thirty Years In Tech, A Memoir

8:17am is apparently gas leafblower time :(

Switched my old Trek Stache to SS mode since it's no longer the primary MTB. It's even more fun setup like this; despite the heavy stock wheels and 3" tires. Just flies through the singletrack.

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I'm all for a four day work week and if that should ever happen (LOL) it should be mandated that the bonus day off is a no gas outdoor power equipment allowed day.

I'd love to be able to enjoy my back yard on a weekend during our nicer months without the constant mower, blower, chainsaw, woodchipper, etc noise.

Now, get off my lawn.

My 14yo son is having a heck of a weekend up at our farm. His first totally solo turkey hunt was a great success and he's doing even more to enjoy the outdoors and feed himself. We all got to enjoy the aurora from dark skies as well. Proud of this kid. I also got a turkey, so lots of great eating ahead.

Cell camera sucks, but it's all I had while up at the farm in west central WI. Heck of a show.

Thursday morning dentist waiting room be like a bunch of old retired folks, and me. I'm good with this.

I'm trying to do something good. Glad to have anyone help pitch in to do even more. It's insignificant that I get to ride my MTB as far as I can on Trek's private trails :)

Going through some online training modules for MTB coaching and this top shelf in the background is really distracting me.

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