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Help us design the perfect #OpenEdTech Assistant 🤩

In a year or so a lot of us are already going to have useful fully-private LLMs running locally on our phones.

We, at OpenEdTech.global are designing one that is truly the one you want to keep for life, because it gets to know you extremely well, coaches you and assists you on any learning journey you choose. Half your calendar if not more will be automated and you will love it

It doesn’t need to know anything more than this. It will connect to other sources, people, and AIs as it needs to and as you allow.

So what Core Curriculum should we educate this #AI with? What are the sources of data that would be best to train this trustworthy, fully-transparent, ethical open model?

Please reply here with your suggestions! 🙂

I couldn't agree more with the writer of this (allegedly) leaked internal document from Google. Open Source works because it is the Way, and the more we just align with the spirit of sharing innovations openly with each other the better it is for everyone on the planet.


I have been waiting SO long for this, OpenXR passthrough on SteamVR! 🤩

Here's a quick demo of the plugin working with

Excellent work by Rectus! Grab the plugin from their GitHub. It's open source! ❤github.com/Rectus/openxr-steam #openxr #steamvr #openbrush

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📌 @inventadero: [1] "eXtended Reality FLOSS [Estado del arte]" + [2] "CreAvatar Personal"

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🐧📽️ [2]: w.wiki/5Yfp

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Catoira e Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra) Engasa Xiabre, S.L. 5 máquinas – 18MW

by @monferodinon


chiquito currazo que os metísteis!!
Tan bien hecho que desde fuera parecía fácil!! Grácies personas!!!

Si te interesa los entornos de esta tarde empieza un seminario que no te puedes perder en @tabakalera
IMMATERIAL "Encuentro sobre realidades mediadas por lo digital" shar.es/aWnPkE puedes seguirlo en streaming @MozillaHubs

Ganas de empezar esta tarde el Taller de Creación de 3spacios con con el grupo @avfloss en ~ poco antes de ser desalojados del espacio físico, nos subimos al bosque digital para mantener lugares de encuentro ~
Conexión con Taller Homólogo y simultáneo @Tabakalera tabakalera.eus/es/albaniles-di

@EDRI TWT twitter.com/edri/status/137753
"" 1/ 9 Today, 51 digital rights, human rights & social justice orgs call on Commissioner @dreynders @EU_Commission
to ban practices that secretly spy on everyone in the upcoming legislation. edri.org/our-work/european-com ""

😍Espacio 🌈ColaboraAcción Ciudadana⚡️

Transparencia en la continuidad de @MedialabPrado
Vuelta de la dirección excelente de @marcosgcm
Firma el Manifiesto wearethelab.org @SaveTheLab
hubs.mozilla.com/3AjbfTg 🦊@MozillaHubs @av@floss.social

@MedialabPrado @avfloss
Apoya a la comunidad de MLP, si estás de acuerdo con la defensa de este espacio público, apóyalo firmando este manifiesto.

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