Supposedly helps managing memory consumption.
Scaling Mastodon with systemd template units - eigenmagic

How to use systemd unit templates to scale Mastodon sidekiq processes.

Ouch, this is not good optics for anyone!

Twitter is now having trouble paying some employees on time Ars Technica

The instance gets financial help from CIRA. I cringe when they call in Mastodon Canada—it’s simply an instance set up in Canada. I’m almost sure there are others.

Mastodon Canada announces an important partnership with CIRA

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⚡️ (🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Front Page Summary for the Morning of 26 Nov 2022; pub. 10:47⚡️

Russian barrel and rocket artillery continues to be active in the Kherson direction. Arrivals in the regional centre. Strikes on AFU positions in , , , , and . That is, practically along the entire line of contact. For their part, the AFU shelled Novaya Kakhovka. They also launched missile attacks on and . The latter two named localities are now deep in the rear. (Figure 1)

On the front, everything is traditional. Russian troops do not abandon attempts to break through to , attacking near . Street fighting continues in . The AFU is not going to give up its stronghold on the dominant heights above . Russian troops resumed assault actions near . Their artillery was working tightly on the stronghold. (Fig. 2)

On the southern outskirts of , the Wagner PMCs attacked from the direction of . Not to be confused with the locality of the same name near ! There is also fierce fighting on the southeastern outskirts of the city. Near , the Wagner PMC again storms and . (Fig. 3)

On the direction, Russian troops attempted a counterattack near and near . Their artillery hit AFU positions in and . (Fig. 4) /@wargonzo/#smo/
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TLDR: if you run an mastodon instance, you should 100% consult with a lawyer to better understand your legal obligations and liabilities.

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Feature I would not use on Mastodon: direct messages. Administrators of the instance have access. How many regular Mastodon users realize this? Given the number of instances, all with different administrators, there’s no guarantee (ZERO) that they won’t be read.

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Twitter also had/“has” a law enforcement policy. Most Mastodon instances do not. We have to assume that data will be handed over voluntarily as most instance admins don’t have the experience and resources, etc to push back against law enforcement requests.

@shuttersparks See you’ve found a better home than Frendica! :-)

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2018 article from @codesections@fosstodon that’s great on what’s special about Mastodon. Still true today apart from the bit about quote toots: I’ve noticed some Masto clients allow them; others don’t.

Westerners should stop complaining about Russia’s attacks on public infrastructure. This is war, and NATO did the same to Yugoslavia recently. Everyone has short memories, it seems.

to SitRep

—based on the review of open sources

As of today, the Russian Army is reported to be conducting counteroffensive operations along the Svatovo-Kremennaya line of the front.

This came as a surprise to the Ukrainian forces, which were forced out of Novoselovskoye. The Russian forces are also conducting attacks in the direction of Makeevka, Torskoye, Yampolovka, and a number of other settlements that were lost after the Russian withdrawal from Krasny Liman.

Near , forces and Wagner PMC units have re-entered Opytnoye and are conducting artillery preparation in the area south of Artyomovsk, intending to move toward encircling the city. Ukrainian forces suffered losses of 500 just in WIA over the past two days here.

Near , Ukrainian counterattacks near Pavlovka, Shevchenko, and Novomikhailovka were repelled, with the Ukrainian forces suffering significant losses.

In , the Russian army is fighting well in the centre of the settlement, and the Russian soldiers are assisting in the evacuation of the civilian population. The Russian army is conducting artillery strikes at the rear of the Maryinka grouping, as far west as Kurakhovo, attacking the Ukrainian reinforcements and preventing their advance.

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@benjaminhccarr This is why people should use #Quad9, and if possible set up #dnscrypt-proxy - this way their DNS requests cannot be discriminated or eavesdropped. #opensource #foss #privacy #internet #dns

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Favorite websites for user-facing #OpenSource projects/software/communities?

Whether you like the #UIDesign, the organization of resources, the #UX, the #content, something else—I would love to see what your favorite #FOSS sites are, and why they’re you’re favorite.

Please note I’m asking specifically about the site and not the tool, because I know there are tons of amazing FOSS tools out there. :)

(Is #LazyWeb a thing here yet?) also tagging #OpenSourceDesign @opensourcedesign

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Yesterday I released version 0.6.0 of my audiobook RSS server, audio-feeder:

It takes your directory of audiobooks and generates an RSS feed for each one, so that you can listen to them in your standard podcast listening flow.

I’m particularly happy with the new feature “rendered feeds”, which uses ffmpeg behind the scenes to generate alternate feeds where the audiobook is broken up along different lines.

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I’ve also created this probably convenient docker-compose repository for (somewhat) easily deploying audio-feeder:

Now featuring ✨🌟✨installation instructions✨🌟✨ (so fancy).

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