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I decided to slash the T440p price a bit further: the discounted price is now -£40 versus before, instead of -20.

Also: the cheaper 720p T440p has the regular touchpad at lower price (1080p one has the T450 touchpad).

X230 price also reduced. My laptops are much cheaper now.

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Lee Camp [Redacted]
A shocking new poll finds that 90% of Americans have little to no trust in the mainstream media. I'm not sure why that is but perhaps it's because they lied us into:

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Unchipped and unregistered, he exists as a nonperson, living off-the-grid, unrecognized by the facial recognition ...

It's free right now!

Here's the Google Play Store link:

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This is now my 9th post on #German #politicians accounts in #Fediverse

New coming in:
Members of the #GermanParliament: The #Bundestag faction of the Left Party #DieLinke has created its own instance and all their #MdB are in #Mastodon: @linksfraktion :

Full list, part I/III: @dietmarbartsch @gesine_loetzsch @klausernst @nicolegohlke @carenlay @ankedb @jankorte @sevimdagdelen

➡️ see my 8 previous posts for more accounts on #Germany #Politics

#introduction #neuhier

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For anyone who missed yesterday’s show, a medical doctor wrote in and opined that Biden has Parkinson’s Disease Dementia, which can be effectively controlled with drugs for short periods of time.

That’s why he appears lucid at times and “out of it” at times,

Regarding the attack, wasn’t the fatwa against him rescinded?

Ex-CIA officer Andrew Bustamante goes AGAINST the mainstream and CLAIMS Moscow is WINNING as he says EFFECTIVE Russian war strategy FITS EXACTLY what Americans are TAUGHT in colleges, ADMITTING that USA doesn’t have ANY economic interests in as Washington continues to PUMP Kiev with BILLIONS ( in military aid.

Apparently, the is making a comeback worldwide. This video shows the history of the polio epidemic in .

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I'm not surprised that the first analyses of the first Webb data seem to indicate that galaxies in the early universe are more massive than the standard model of cosmology predicts.

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CBS deletes documentary promo on corrupt Ukraine military aid after US government pressure

The corporate network has also promised to edit the documentary following a coordinated wave of Ukraine lobby outrage

A French journalist Adrian Boke told us about what he had seen when he was on the Ukrainian side.

  1. Manuals on torture of “Azov” militants.
  2. Fascist ideology in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  3. How Western humanitarian aid is taken by the Ukrainian military.


To be continued.

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Anybody else finding the Birdsite slow as molasses this afternoon in the Eastern Time Zone?

A screengrab from a dark web forum where suicide drones given to by the US are being sold.
In this case 300 drones are being sold.
Some terrorist or criminal group is going to be well armed in the future!

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Why should anyone care that it prevail against Russia?! I surely don’t.

A Follow Up to the foregoing report. Not my words, but I can agree with most of it:
CBS TAKES DOWN tweet on report CONDEMNING military aid ( to Ukraine by claiming ONLY 30% of weapons sent to Kiev by US reach front lines, using EXCUSE that figures used by Swedish journalist in report were from April and therefore OUTDATED, and explaining military aid now flowing smoothly thanks to US Brigadier General’s arrival in Kiev in AUGUST to personally OVERSEE supplies.

CBS seems to have confused ITSELF by not clarifying whether the supply situation somehow improved between April and August, or whether it’s only improving NOW with the General’s arrival, but what IS clear is such backtracking REEKS of attempt to COVER UP BILLIONS ( of dollars wasted on Kiev, as Biden administration SCRAMBLES to avoid VEERING off-course ahead of US midterm elections.

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