@gin I'd love organizations like Crossref to be on Mastodon; @CWTS has joined!

RT @cwtsleiden@twitter.com

Happy to announce that CWTS is also available on Mastodon from now on!🥳 You can find us at @CWTS akademienl.social/@CWTS

Looking forward to the conversations on Mastodon, and curious to discover how this will develop in the future.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/cwtsleiden/status/

To add to the above:

Since there is no #algorithm it is really important that you #boost interesting posts by others.

A star (liking) does nothing to help increase a post's visibility beyond the original author's followers.

I know it is strange coming from 🐦, but it really is the only way to increase a post's audience.

So #BoostAllTheThings (if you like them) and you will notice others will do the same to your content. Here we're all in it together!

#BeTheAlgorithm #BoostsWelcome #FediTips

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Hi all!
OpenCitations is a community-guided #openscience infrastructure dedicated to the publication of #citationdata and #bibliographicalmetadata by the use of #SemanticWeb technologies.

Here to share our vision and communicate our commitment towards a more #FAIR research environment.

Looking forward to creating new connections in this community!

@ipoga All the tags are probably a good idea! :) We would just need to convince other people which tag to use.

I believe I already saw a larger #STS presence, but good idea to add these other hashtags.

In practice, I just checked a couple of accounts to see who they follow.

And don't forget you can use fedifinder.glitch.me/ to checkout who of the people you follow on Twitter are already here.

@gin My personal view is that organizations should be on Mastodon. The “openness” of mastodon aligns from my perspective also very well with #DataCite's understanding of being an open infrastructure.
In addition, most German public institutions/NGOs that do care about privacy already do have an account on mastodon.

Trying to think of ways to connect with other people on here. Perhaps a common tag to search for could be good? ? @vtraag any suggestions?

Ok, let´s try this out.

I am Sabine, obviously #newhere and still quite confused!

I mostly post about the #impact of #sex and #gender on #health and #medicine.
I also work on the #prevention of #sexualharassment and #discrimination in #academia.

I mostly post in English, but also in several other languages.

Would love to connect with other people in the #health #medicina #equity #gender #publichealth space.

JOB!! Open position in my research group to work on really exciting projects studying #reproducibility and the impact of #openscience - please share, and anyone interested please just get in touch!


At first a bit confused about servers, how to choose and their significance. Thinking about it as domain kinda helps: public servers a bit like the gmail/hotmails of email, organization servers in the future like blue checkmarks. In the meaning, “yes, this is a real person, part of this organization”, which could be government, university, health care, media companies or even any other type of private company - which could solve *some* of the problems Twitter has.

I read this elsewhere: If trusted news outlets would start offering #Mastodon instances to their staff, that would bring some sort of verification and visibility. Think social.nytimes.com, social.heise.de etc. I'd love to read more from trusted journalists on the #fediverse and this could greatly help. (Again, not my idea but couldn't find the original author.) Boosts for visibility would be great. Reminder: Favorites don't help as on this other platform.

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