Trying to think of ways to connect with other people on here. Perhaps a common tag to search for could be good? ? @vtraag any suggestions?

@ipoga All the tags are probably a good idea! :) We would just need to convince other people which tag to use.

I believe I already saw a larger #STS presence, but good idea to add these other hashtags.

In practice, I just checked a couple of accounts to see who they follow.

And don't forget you can use to checkout who of the people you follow on Twitter are already here.

@vtraag fedifinder sounds interesting, will try that out

@ipoga @vtraag it does take some time to setup your account because you are manually building an algorithm. Idk if the app you are using will give you access to all the features that are available on the qoto instance. You definitely have on qoto much more fine tuning compared to the majority.

@ipoga @vtraag

I'd love if we could converge towards a main tag for bibliometrics folks. Of course people have different favs to describe their work. But the overall community is rather small...

@Aschniedermann @ipoga @vtraag Hi, I join Mastodon some hours ago but I find it difficult to connect or search using the android app. I found this thread using #bibliometrics but Is there the possibility of switching servers? How to connect with the bibliometrics community is essential. How can we connect? Does Science have its server?

@ojemany @ipoga @vtraag server is secondary as I understand it, but there are some tutorials about how to switch.

And for community: Just trace the relevant tags and follow everyone ;-)

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