Found this in the cupboard. It features the original WoW druid cat form. I recall being unhappy about the change to the new high-poly model. I really liked the old one!

I don't like the label "progressive", but my general collection of views don't fit into any of the other possibilities.

Authoritarian - absolutely not.
Conservative - in some ways, maybe, but not in any way that counts.
Libertarian - fuck no, I like government.

An odd heading from an email listing recipes for this Easter weekend...

I started relatively late, but still 756 games is a fair data set.

Checking in with my political leanings at, seems I'm still a libertarian leftie, even though I fundamentally disagree with the far left's identity politics.

This picture, courtesy of our national broadcaster, somehow captures the essence of being Australian. Voting is mandatory for all adults, is always on a Saturday, and can be done on the way to the beach.

So my tendency to drink many cups of tea/coffee per day is written into my genes! What I've noticed is that caffeine has no noticeable effect on me; if I drink too much, I just feel a bit sick in the stomach. No jittery, shakes, anything like that. Kind of means I'm missing out, I guess.

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