I spent some time last night improving the spaces and our room directory.

I've added several rooms from different fediverse associated instances to the :qoto.org space.

I have also added about half a dozen room servers related to other instances and servers to our room search. So should be easy for you to find most rooms anywhere in the federated universe.

Again: you can join this space (or the others in the linked post) from any matrix user on any server. If you dont have a user you are free to register one on QOTO at: element.qoto.org

QT: qoto.org/@freemo/1066050761199

🎓 Doc Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
So I setup a list of maybe 30 highly active matrix rooms organized into Matrix Spaces on the QOTO Matrix server (though you can access them from an...

@freemo @QOTO Interesting. I've never really had the time to hang for live conversation in chat rooms, but I did pop into the Lobby to look around after seeing your note. I bookmarked this post to remind me to come back and explore some more.

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