In our new preprint we characterise neuropeptide signalling in the cnidarian .
Daniel Thiel and Luis Yanez-Guerra screened 64 neuropeptides against 161 G-protein coupled receptors () and found activating peptide ligands for 31 receptors.

By phylogenetic reconstruction, Daniel Thiel and Luis Yanez could show that receptors diversified independent from in bilateria. This parallel and expansion confirms that cnidarians do not represent the ancestral state in neuronal signalling (as implied by terms like 'pre-bilaterian') any more than bilaterians.

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Previously, only one with a ligand was known in , the receptor for the Maturation-Inducing-Hormone. This receptor was found by Gonzalo Quiroga Artigas and Philipp Bauknecht in our lab, in a collaboration with Evelyn Houliston.

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The 31 new deorphanized from and the trees also allowed us to predict the ligand for many receptors across . We hope that cnidarian researchers will functionally characterising these e.g. by , as the Houliston lab has done for the MIH receptor.

In collaboration with Alison Cole and Ulrich Technau we also mapped the peptidergic of , by linking peptide-expressing to receptor-expressing cells.
In , tissues are extensively connected via signalling.

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The version of record of our #Nematostella #GPCR #neuropeptide paper has now been published

For #cnidarian #neuroscience there are lots of new deorphanised receptors described in the paper. We also identified orthologs across cnidarian species, including corals, #Exaiptasia etc. so the resource is not limited to Nematostella.

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