I specifically asked IT for a Linux dell workstation. They gave me Windows education edition, with a bunch of CISCO backdoors on it, and locked the bios.

Gee.. Thanks for the expensive paperweight. :blobcatangery:

Symbolic regression is a thing!? Data making programs and math has been around awhile apparently.


Very fun. Computational science has all of these neat things that you can do. Like discover new mathematics. :blobwizard:


Neural network analysis is so underrated. Reality is so manifold-y.


Friendship ended with proofs. Now programs is my best friend.

As a computer scientist, I dislike programming languages that tell me what to do.

So, Java, Haskell, and Rust have interesting ideas... But I do not like programming in them.

I also think idiomatic programming is a garbage idea. It is an evolved version of tabs-vs-spaces. Seriously, code how you want, and use a traspiler to get it in your company's standard form.

Scientific disciplines are like sports teams, and it is weird.

I have a theoretical physicist that does not believe in infinity. So he is a physics guy instead of a mathematician.

And I have a computer science guy that says all math is constructed. So he is a computer scientist instead of a mathematician.

The search for truth is really just the search for narrative.

:blobfoxcofe: Coffee definetly helps.

Prefinals week here. Hang onto your butts.

:blobfoxcofe_w_: Next semester is going to be tough. Online stuff is going away for some reason.

UNESCO recently published a recommendation for “#OpenScience”:

It recommends that Member States ensure “publicly funded research, including scientific publications, […] source code and open hardware, is openly licensed […]”, encourage “multilingualism in the practice of science, in scientific publications and in academic communications”, and more. 👍🏽

I wonder if I should adversarial noise my pictures. But it is kind of like an arms race of soft encryption.


my favorite kind of firmware to implement by far is firmware that needs ascii art comments

I wonder if grammar based types exist.

I see types based of predicates (dependent types) and algebraic types. Maybe Antlr informally counts as that. But it only really parses and scans stuff.

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