My computer colleges and their macbooks and windows machines spying on them... Do you even live bro?

Science vs engineering research really has that old "created vs discovered" vibe math has.

How is it Wednesday already? noooo... slow down :ablobsweats:

A research buddy cannot figure out video conference software. So time to drive an hour and a half. :blobfoxcofe_w_:

You know, discrete geometry is actually pretty great.

Many regular geometry things made it in. It is super easy to program with. And it has some of its own nice things too. :blobcatmegumin:

Wish I had some of that spice from Dune. Caffeine is only so good. :blobfoxcofe_w_:

My car is old enough to buy alcohol, in the USA. Lol

Worse than being blind, is to see and have no vision.

- Helen Keller

Do my work vs. spending the last 3 hours gushing about mathematics and engineering with a student.

I don't have a problem. You have a problem. 😂

I like how you have to click on the image to see what I am even on about. 😅

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Well, fewer than 10 days till classes start. Time to reset all of the scripts.

Also staying home again, because I am a soft skinned baby. (And we computer whisperers will probably get more done without having to change out of pajamas and drive places, right?)

Stay safe everybody.

Enjoyable math is optimal in the intuinistic style of thought. Profound math is optimal in the Platonists style of thought.

It was love at first sight.

Even after close to a decade, I still kick random problems apart with it. That is some good shit.

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