Things I would not see on a chalk board. Your exponent is a whole binary tree? :blobfoxcofe_w_:

Hehe.. I am tempted.

As said at Harvard: "In theory, a future research mathematician should be able to go through all three stages with the help of only a good library."

I wonder how analysis made it into mathematics. Now there is just a schism in the doctrine in a lot of places.

I think it is a "does it 'solve' problems I care about?” kind of thing. I think it is the foundation for validating inferences in math. The choice axiom went from, being considered problematic, to being mostly accepted because new problems from it did not hurt old problems.

Me: Please sleep. You are leading discussion tomorrow.

Brain: but I'm booorred.

:blobfoxcofe: Coffee definetly helps.

Prefinals week here. Hang onto your butts.

I hope I can be as creative as Nikola, dreaming up cellphones before we even had digital computers. :blobwizard:

My computer colleges and their macbooks and windows machines spying on them... Do you even live bro?

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