Hmm.. Who are your corporate overlords, languages?

Rust (4 of big 5 tech)

Julia (3 of the big 5 tech)

LLVM (3 of big 5 tech)

Haskell (1 of big 5 tech)

Ocaml (financial companies)

Zig (individuals)

D (1 financial firm + individuals)

R (researchers and universities)

@jmw150 How about Go, Java, JS, and PHP, they are popular where I live.


Go at has Google for now.

Java was Oracle's, when it was a big company. They where probably the first to come up with big-tech money == popularity, formula.

Javascript (2 of 5 big tech)

PHP I am finding only has small tech supporters for its foundation. They also have an open budget and spending model for their foundation.

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