The Clicks phone mini keyboard case looks absolutely ridiculous but I adore it and can't wait to see it work with Android.

"[Celebrities] need to realize that the public owns you for life! And after you're dead, you'll all be in commercials dancing with vacuum cleaners." ―Homer Simpson

"AI-Generated Jimmy Stewart Reads a Bedtime Story for Calm App"

I got an exclusive first look at Beeper Mini—a new app that completely reverse-engineered the entire iMessage protocol.

No macOS relay on some sketchy computer you don’t control. All on-device, all properly tokenized, no Apple ID required.

This is HUGE.

Today's announcements from Amazon regarding updating Alexa with conversational AI are definitely worth watching. It's a very impressive demo.

The internet legend of Numa Numa has returned. Between this and the "I Like Turtles" kid, 2023 is a great year for resurrecting ancient memes.

After new fight claims from Musk, Zuckerberg warns "anything" Musk says hasn't been agreed on; Musk also said surgery will prevent him from fighting for months (Jesse Levine/Bloomberg)

Airline can't find your lost bag? Go over their heads and find it yourself with an AirTag.

The curious case of hundreds of AI-generated knock-off travel guides on Amazon. Looking for trusted brand Rick Steves? You might end up with "Mike Steves" instead.

Interesting article on the rediscovery and authentication frustrations of a Chuck Close painting.

The fascinating legal loophole that has made cars bigger and popularized SUVs.

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