Schwann cells have a limited window of time in which to initiate myelination program during early migration in vivo.

Noncanonical function of folate through folate receptor 1 during neural tube formation.

Understanding Antisense Oligonucleotide Efficiency in Inhibiting Prokaryotic Gene Expression.

Modification of BCLX pre-mRNA splicing has antitumor efficacy alone or in combination with radiotherapy in human glioblastoma cells. Vivo-

Investigation of the pathogenesis of ADAR1 gene in dyschromatosis symmetrica hereditaria.

FARS2 Deficiency Causes Cardiomyopathy by Disrupting Mitochondrial Homeostasis and the Mitochondrial Quality Control System.

Clinical, immunohistochemical, and genetic characterization of splice-altering biallelic DES variants: Therapeutic implications.

Localization and function of key axonemal microtubule inner proteins and dynein docking complex members reveal extensive diversity among vertebrate motile cilia.

Zebrafish Mbd5 binds to RNA m5C and regulates histone deubiquitylation and gene expression in development metabolism and behavior.

Role of tissue biomechanics in the formation and function of myocardial trabeculae in zebrafish embryos.

An alternative strategy to increasing influenza virus replication for vaccine production in chicken embryo fibroblast (DF-1) cells by inhibiting interferon alpha and beta using peptide-conjugated phosphorodiamidate oligomers

(Fish Diseases conference program) Learning more from knockdowns and knockouts

Comprehensive analysis of diel rhythmic expression of the medaka toll-like receptor gene family.

Glut-3 Gene Knockdown as a Potential Strategy to Overcome Glioblastoma Radioresistance. Vivo-

Znf687 recruits Brd4-Smrt complex to regulate gfi1aa during neutrophil development.

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