We need a new word, , to define the advice ex-Twitter people like to give us about how to improve Fedi or how to use it effectively.

Actually, I don’t think it’s new. I’m pretty sure someone must have come up with it (or some variation) before me.

@josemanuel I thought it would be when Mastodon users try to explain Mastodon to newcomers who left Twitter, because they were here first or something. (It's more annoying than the feedback newcomers are giving.) I guess that would be masplaining...

@ben As far as I know, we only offer advice when asked, but, don’t worry, from now on I’ll refer everyone to you, galaxy brain dude.

@josemanuel Definitely not true... my feed for weeks has been just full of unsolicited masplaining. Nobody asked them, but I do understand the "get off my lawn" mentality

@ben Are you sure they’re long-time Fedi users? I ask, because, to be honest, old-timers never really liked you. Why would they talk to you, much less give you unsolicited advice?

@Willdrick I’m not the boss of anyone. Use what feels right for you. Mine was just a suggestion.

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